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Megan Janushanis, MA, LPC is an approved supervisor in the state of Missouri for provisionally licensed professional counselors (PLPC).


Choosing a Supervisor

Choosing a supervisor is a very important choice. Not only is this a long-term working relationship (sometimes even beyond the PLPC supervision process), but this helps define the first two to five years of your counseling experience. It is important for the supervisor and the supervisee to both be compatible in their relationship and help the supervisee learn the foundational skills they will take with them into their growing careers. 

Supervision Experience

I have been helping train and supervise interns since becoming fully licensed in 2019. My background and experience is working with clients who experience trauma, attachment issues, problem sexual behaviors, anxiety, depression, phobias, communication issues and boundary issues. When conducting supervision, it is important that supervisees and I work collaboratively to grow their clinical skills and overall philosophy of their practice. Your growth as a counselor is important not just in learning skills but also discovering more about yourself, preventatively working through burnout, and building a practice that you are passionate about! If you have questions about supervision, please contact me for more information.

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